Thursday, December 27, 2007

Maybe Benazir Bhutto's death will start the end of muslim fanatics

There is a small but good chance that Pakistani people now finally think: it's enough.... and that they start a movement to throw out those muslim fanatics for good and at the same time start to get rid of Al Qaeda in the same action. Rise, oh Pakistani people, take your future in your own hands and tell us where we can help or assist....and remember that you will be the great example for other peoples in your part of the quick, there is a lot to do..and you need to do it NOW!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just a pre-Xmas

Do not think my Swedish friends in Stockholm are going to like it, but what the Swedes have a sense of humour. The BBC had a program on TV about them, but wisely they only showed 2 of the lesser Gods of the (Willem bedankt

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Any one who could read the latest UN Ecology report for me?

as you all can see and imagine: if I lift one paw, I will drop from the icecone....and then the report gets wet. And yes, I have heard now most of it.....really depressing....even the local walrusshop is selling out......he will travel to the Southpole now...I even have to steal fish from the local fisherman to feed my kids and my bearwife never asks again where I got the stuff...and the ice in the seas here is so quickly melting that I might think to emigrate too....maybe I will report with my family to the nearest Zoo....advantage is of course 3 meals a day and disadvantage is that all those stupid people are watching me all day, still pitying that they didnt do anything when they had a chance....well, from a dying race, goodmorning, goodafternoon, goodnight and within a couple of years: GOODBYE...
Wally (and family)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Might be something like

Well, my son Sebastiaan hit the right header, so we will proceed from here...might wanna change the brown colour to another one so I can use black coloured script and the different options will change too...keep you all posted...

Friday, November 02, 2007


Will try to be more present, but well, time is precious and I still am trying to get a new website produced by others than blogspot but well, want some more options...that's all...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wake-up call for ALL Hooligans and Arena-owners

Pics courtesy of VG Norway

Finally we have a chance to stop the Hooligans world-wide. The firm UEFA-official and the 3 referees used the Uefa-laws to the ultimate extent and Denmark was declared to lose the game with 3-0, regardless the existing score of 3-3 which certainly would be temporary, because Sweden was given a penalty. This penalty was given after a real knockout given by a Danish defender and nobody knows why.....this game was the best ever played with only 2 yellow cards and suddenly at the end it snapped for one of the players and it escalated when the marshal weren't doing their jobs and were sitting picking their noses (clearly visible on screen!!!)
The guy explained later he had been drinking 20 beers.....but I don't think he will realise that those beers will become very costly when he is hold responsible for the lack of income when Denmark will play at home in an empty arena or stadium......newspapers already warn him to get himself a very very very good lawyer....
The player who got the red card really need to see a shrink and I do hope he will be banned from the field for many games to come...this is NOT a good example for younger promising football-players....
But I'm very glad that the UEFA is able to do something about it....hope they keep the same standard for other football games and -teams too...
This is, I hope, a real warning: HOOLIGANS, YOU'RE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Estimated damage for the Danish Football Association: 1.000.000 Euro)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hungary 23-10-1956 - 23-10-2006 Magyarország

They only wanted to rule their own country, make their own laws, have their own democratic government, but they were still living in the 50's-60's and real freedomfight would have results so many years later. But they were brave against a Russian Bear that had it all. They fought, waiting for their allies to rescue them, but those allies never showed up, the cowards, but well, that was politics. More than 200.000 people fled the country, some of them living in Norway nowadays.

Although my grandfather was a sometimes unpleasant man, he showed heart once in a while and I remember he send two lorries with clothing, food, medicine, gasbottles and kitchen-equipment to Hungary via his other buddies. He said: "they will lose the fight, but what the hell, they're fighting for a just cause" (he was a resistance man himself once...)

And in the year 2006 it happened again, not as violent as in 1956 but as fierce and justified as before. This time to fight a lie. A former friend of mine worked 50 meters from the demonstration-site and had to pass it every day and told me about the good mood and the rage and the disappointments.And again the eyes of the whole world were upon Budapest, after 50 years. But news agencies most of the time focused on the wrong scene's, filming riots and not the real demonstrations, honest, indignant but peaceful. This time another Bear caused the problems, the EU. And a PM who admitted to have told lies (well nothing new here, all politicians's a known fact) about the economy.

Most of the former East-European countries should have waited a couple of years before asking to be a member of the EU. As EU-history is written, these countries will be taken horrible advantage of, they are robbed and decimated by vultures and their companies. And the average citizen is the victim of all this. But Hungarians are known for their fierce will and stamina, they will survive.

So today I congratulate these proud people with the commemoration of their heroic uprising but condole them being a member-state of the EU. Well, as one says: you can't have it all..................